About Your Loved One, Q

This is a website created by S, used to showcase the works of Q, an amazing man who’s been in prison since 2008. It houses various content written by Q over the years, including, but not limited to insights, stories and other quotes relating to love and life.

This site also contains multiple love letters, poetry, and other communications over the years by both Q and S, documenting their love for one another throughout the journey they’re taking together as he finishes his sentence in the next five years. We’re both criminal justice advocates and with our story, we’re hoping to help humanize those incarcerated in Virginia, as well as bring light to how non-judgemental true love is.

Who is S?

S is an expressive, social, and lively individual. She’s been trekking through life not realizing that the man she met when she was 18, Q – was the man she’s always been looking for throughout her life. She’s 31 years old and works in advertising. She manages this site, as she has a background in web content management, graphic design, and content curation.

She’s a Cancer by way of the zodiac which means she often tends to be overly sensitive and moody because they feel everything very deeply. Cancer is sensitive and nostalgic and lives to enjoy family and friendship who is usually someone that everyone turns to for a soft touch and kind encouragement.

Who is Q?

Q is a spiritual, creative, intelligent 31 year-old man who has had time to learn himself, gain a form of enlightenment, and recognize life’s nuances. He’s always known of the love he’s had for S since he met her. Through literature and meditation, he has been especially curious in the ways of love and what it means to have love present. He’s been writing for years; poetry, songs, stories, etc. He is also an avid artist, drawing characters as well as comics. Q is the creator of our other project, BrillianceBehindBars.com, which is dedicated to humanizing incarcerated peoples through the expressive vessels of their art, literature, and philosophy.

Q is a Taurus by way of the zodiac, which means he has a kind heart and constant devotion. Taurus can be extremely stubborn, but it’s that incredible determination that helps them to achieve their goals.

The Union Between Taurus and Cancer – While these are suggestions of the zodiac, this explanation sums up their relationship perfectly. It can be used as a basis to understand how they interact with each other.

A union between Taurus and you, Cancer, is a balancing act because of your constant shifts in mood. You both have a strong need to display your affection toward each other. When the mood is jolly, the chemistry is excellent between the two of you. Taurus acts as the pillar of strength and support, one that you need for your emotional temperament, which constantly sways. Taurus provides a good shoulder to lean on, and can ensure the sense of security. They will be with you through thick and thin. When there is tension or any volatility in the relationship, Taurus steps in to calm the tempers. The two of you are bound to have a steamy love life because you have no inhibitions when you are close to each other. The sexual excitement is likely to be quite high. Taurus is more cautious while you are more nurturing in nature. The advantage with this union is that the two of you compliment each other well and where one lacks, the other can sufficiently make up for the shortcoming. The two of you have an affinity for home life, and family life is likely to be very exciting. Sensitivity abounds in this union and the two of you can have sufficient emotional security.

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