Q+S: Contemplation of the Week

Q and I are starting a new thing for the year, Contemplation of the Week. It’s a quote or thought we find during the week, that we can document, write down, think about, and implement into our lives. For week one, we picked a quote that I happened to find on a tea bag. We decided to write about it. We may do so from time to time… and maybe post it. ❤️


Earth laughs in flowers.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

S: “There was a point in time when he used to always call me his flower. Delicate, beautiful, pure, and joyful. His flower.

Knowing that I am his light, and one of his biggest reasons, it scared me to feel it and see it. It also filled me with purpose and care to a level that I failed to see on my own. It effortlessly fuels the way he loves me.

I know that the earth is full of them – flowers. But a lot of them only spring in the spring. They are rare, but plentiful; like the frequency of comedy. Where there is joy, there is laughter. Where there is earth, there are flowers. Flowers are joy.

Earth will always produce that beauty for as long as there is soil, as long as there is water, as long as there is sun. Flowers cannot bloom without the nurturing of what is constant and what is true. The same goes for love.”

Q: “Living and breathing, the earth is a being equipped with its own soul and character. No different from any other organism.

What does it mean for one to laugh? A joyous reflex imprinted onto the innate operations of the soul. Our laughter signifies our joy. You could say it is the only moniker of a pure elation. The earth exemplifies its joy through the vessel of flowers. If one takes the time to really contemplate the flower, they may find all the joys of the earth, for themselves.”

Q: Defining (Part 4) – Knowledge

~Knowledge – Humans’ ability to obtain, circulate, compare, and collect it has shaped the world of the past into the world of today.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of an individual’s life and the key to their godhood. Through the scope of what one knows, is the edge of one’s world, and thus the limit of their rule. Without knowledge, there is no freedom. Who can exercise their will when they know not what they will against, nor for?

Do not be sluggish in your efforts to acquire knowledge. For knowledge is the gateway to heaven; and bridges the gap between god and human, life and death, power and weakness. To know and understand is unmatchable by any, and should be sought by all. To bring light to the deepest, darkest recesses of a human soul and reveal an omnipotent capable of power beyond measure.

Knowledge presents itself in an infinitude of forms. But amongst the myriad of these distinctions, one may find the source and center of all. Here, resides a knowledge that governed life; preceding the conception of what we comprehend as existence.
The knowledge reveals the hidden mechanisms which make life possible – the blueprint of its inner design and infrastructure.
This knowledge, contrived before material existence, encompasses every single aspect of the universe. To possess it, is to possess the omniscient mind of the creator.

– Your Loved One, Q

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