Q: The Seven Attributes of Love

What is Love?
To recognize and understand love, one must know its true nature and the essence of its being…

1. Love is Sacrifice –
It surrenders itself entirely and freely.

2. Love is Growth –
It exists purely and solely to create, protect, and develop.

3. Love is Truth –
It is honest in all word, act, and being. and understands with clarity.

4. Love is Spirit –
It is immaterial, as material things are of no value, gain, nor loss to it.

5. Love is Everlasting –
It is undying and forever flows from lover to loved, from loved to lover, on into eternity.

6. Love is Faith –
It gives absolute trust and unyielding devotion.

7. Love is Light –
It shines from the soul throughout all feeling, thought, and deed…

Love sacrifices only to encourage growth and bring forth truth and enlightenment.

Love strengthens the spirit, only to reinforce everlasting faith.
Love is a light that shines without wanting praise.

Love selfishly seeks to better itself only to selflessly better others…

Your Loved One,

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