Q: Character

All people seek JOY.

One is motivated into action by their search for happiness. All of their actions are committed solely to fill that desire for joy.

Whether its the temporary escape from the sufferings of a cruel reality, an outlet which allows one to express or impress, one’s self upon said reality; or an act which allows one to better define one’s self, and better understand life. ALL actions root from that desire. Without desire, freewill has no direction.

Overall, one seeks joy. Mere men find evil in their joy. But evils aren’t in the search for it, but in its finding… it is not the want of joy, but what BRINGS joy that determines good and evil, righteous and wrong.

If man desires good, and selflessness brings one joy, then one is a good and righteous one. But if one desires wrong-doing and enjoys evils, then one is an evil and unrighteous one…

-Q, written 11/24/19

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