There’s been a ruffle in the rift,
A shift in the tide,
A victory won that was –
But wasn’t mine.

Sending waves of tears big enough
To fill an entire glass,
Because they consist of dreams and
what’s locked in the past.
Afraid of letting go of hope,
Afraid of losing control,
While negative thoughts have been on a roll…

But then…
There’s love – always threatening to pull me through.
Reminding me in tough times that there’s always YOU
In the back of my mind pushing me to
Be at my best;
Breaking down barriers and shaking the rest.
Continuously showing me the light
And touching my spirit,
Holding the mirror to my face
To make sure I get it.
Protecting my being,
Even when im at my worst.
Holding yourself back,
All just to put me first…

Is what will always get me through.
It’s what brought me to you.
So I’ll fight through crying, laughter, anger,
and everything in between
Just to continue to show you
how much it means
To have you by my side
through thick and thin –
Making sure I always win.

– S, 1/14/22

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