A roller coaster.

“I’m starting to realize that this theme park were in (it’s definitely called the Boundless Balance theme park btw) – I’ve been spending so much time trying not to get on the rides you know? It’s been something that’s been challenging since March 2018 when we reconnected. Trying to avoid these rides. Knowing that they’re highly rated and that they’re thrilling and addicting and fun and worth it. But letting myself walk by them in the past… I’m realizing now that riding them is so much more fun. So much more real. A little scary but just like any good roller coaster, bumper cars, waterslides, etc., I never regret taking that ride. And I wanna wait in line for however long, to ride that shit again. Everytime. You are the only man I want to ride these rides with. Making everything heightened. All of my senses, my purpose, my heart my mind my spirit – ALL OF IT.”


“Yeah a theme park… I can go for that. So much adventure. But only for those who dare brave the rides… we are taking them with great strides. yeah we go head first into a lot of those gates without knowing what the signs say, but shit, thats a part of the magic. And the rides only catch you off guard once. Then, they offer nothing but welcomed whirls and twirls, dashes and dips and all devices to bring excitement and exhilaration to the riders.”


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