Q: Defining (Part 1) – Love

~Love – The essence of all-being and the impulse of the universe to bind individuals into a whole.

Love is an innate reminder of our original state, ONE.
Love is an energy that operates throughout every thread in the fabric of life, developing all facets of connection which enables reality.
Love beckoned the unity of the single-celled organisms into advanced multi-cellular creatures. THAT is the greatest power of Love – assimilating singularities into units that supersede the sum of their parts. Know that one’s ability to reach one’s infinite potential lays in one’s understanding of Love. The power to create must flow through the power to connect. One must become receptive to this connection and discover its power. Love is the essence of existence, and those who recognize it to be the essence of their being, shall tap into the pulse of the universe.

As wisdom is, Love is symbolic, existing only in expression. There is nothing in this world Love’s touch has not graced. It is one’s own limited vision that fails to recognize the depths of it’s bonds…

– Your Loved One, Q

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