Q+S: March 9 Contemplation of the Week

Q and I started a new thing for 2020, Contemplation of the Week. It’s a quote or thought we find during the week, that we can document, write down, think about, and implement into our lives.

“Do not fear. Be responsible with your power of creation.”

– Q


“In the midst of the hysteria going on today with people watching their germs and trying not to get this global sickness, I’ve found myself full of anxiety on a daily basis. Worry in the back of my mind causing a rift in focus…

But I control my reaction to my thoughts. In fact, I create these thoughts. Being aware and understanding of my own creations… is imperative. Staying mindful of how to prevent, and not reactive, will protect my inner peace. Which is also my creation. Deep breathing and positive energy will alleviate my fear and bring love into the dark places in my mind. But only if I allow it.”


“The mind is the maker… when we set it upon a serious thought, maybe a dream we hope to attain, we began to shift the tides of the universe towards our desire. We can gather strength and energy to accomplish this desired reality. whether conscious or otherwise, we are constantly provoking a pattern that plays out in existence and alter realities… as so for positive aspirations, so too for negativity and its respects…

Fear, negativity, and worry these are not different from the thought that comprise our dreams. they manifest with the same swiftness. So it is wise for the creators, possessors of mind, to guard against negative thoughts and fears, because given the proper amount of attention they will come to fruition… be responsible with your power of creation…”

S: Light Speed (The Expression)

Light speed.
We are light speed;
Forever traveling by the speed of light.
Forever traveling by the speed of a love rekindled –
By a light that never burns out.
Moving faster than a reason to run, or a reason to doubt.

My god of love and meee, running free;
Chasing a destined love for eternity.
Forever and ever at a pace unknown to man,
Living and loving as fast as we can.
Cheering at the finish line like a race that’s already won.
Chasing the feeling of a button, undone.
Connecting like a music note to a beat of a drum –
Descending on a mountain on a search for our kingdom.

Light speed, like a falling star from the sky made of you and I…
And landing on an unlimited supply
Of love and undying passion that’ll never end.
My person, now and forever again.

Light speed, because it’s us and it’s what we do…
When a love like ours is faithful and true…
Loyal and willing to carry out any task,
Revealing all that’s real and peeling back any masks –
Be it visible or deep in a dark place in the mind.
Absolving all mentions of time…

is what we have and what we fear,
Even though this rush-lag is exhausting, we’re right here.
Here forever and just for now,
In the past, and the moment we seal this vow.
…Your hands in mine, just like the first time we met.
When we were two souls with zero regret.
Living life like we’d never forget,
And declaring love like we weren’t sure yet.

Light speed, one second at a time
because spirits don’t have a time-line.
That’s what the next life is for,
So I’m thanking the universe for giving US more.
Giving US a moment to explore
Ourselves… individually and together
Today, tomorrow, and eventually forever.

Light speed –
because we move like we always have.
Through years and decades and centuries,
Through miles, elements, and galaxies.
Through wavelengths upon wavelengths,
Knowledge and intelligence,
Growth and development.
Trees and roots,
Earth and water,
Life and love
And love and life.

We are light speed;
We’ve BEEN light speed.
Traveling like a love reincarnated –
Over and over again; it’s not complicated.
Leaps and bounds forever to find our way back to each other.
Each and everyday, engaged in one another.
Chasing the stars and the light…
That never burns out.
Running fasterrrr
than a reason to doubt.

-S, written 11/6

Q: Defining (Part 5) – Loyalty

What is finer than truth? Who can judge one of honor, and of code? Only the simple heap curses upon a loyal man…

Loyalty is the reflection of godhood. And of all the virtues, it is one of supremacy.

Great power cannot hold true without great discipline. Who can say he has strength, but exemplifies no sense of order? What is true does not break. What is strong does not yield. Even if one loses their body, one’s honor, integrity, and righteousness shall preserve them for the life beyond this one.

As all things hold true to their time and place, so too should one hold true to their word and code. Loyalty, discipline, honor – these attributes reflect the will of the true.

Betrayers take fear as their god. And to it, they sacrifice themselves to the gods of death. But one who remains true, shall enjoy everlasting life…

– Your Loved One, Q

This is the last of the ‘Defining’ series. Take a look at all of the parts of the series by clicking here.

Q: Defining (Part 4) – Knowledge

~Knowledge – Humans’ ability to obtain, circulate, compare, and collect it has shaped the world of the past into the world of today.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of an individual’s life and the key to their godhood. Through the scope of what one knows, is the edge of one’s world, and thus the limit of their rule. Without knowledge, there is no freedom. Who can exercise their will when they know not what they will against, nor for?

Do not be sluggish in your efforts to acquire knowledge. For knowledge is the gateway to heaven; and bridges the gap between god and human, life and death, power and weakness. To know and understand is unmatchable by any, and should be sought by all. To bring light to the deepest, darkest recesses of a human soul and reveal an omnipotent capable of power beyond measure.

Knowledge presents itself in an infinitude of forms. But amongst the myriad of these distinctions, one may find the source and center of all. Here, resides a knowledge that governed life; preceding the conception of what we comprehend as existence.
The knowledge reveals the hidden mechanisms which make life possible – the blueprint of its inner design and infrastructure.
This knowledge, contrived before material existence, encompasses every single aspect of the universe. To possess it, is to possess the omniscient mind of the creator.

– Your Loved One, Q

Q: Defining (Part 3) – Life

~Life – A continuous flow of the spirit passing from one vessel to the next.

Life is the distribution of the spirit seeking to find equilibrium. this act does not lack volatility.

The feat of balancing the infinite potential of spirit within the absolute laws of matter and its confines, come with great toil. Each object in existence is assigned its portion of spirit. Each afforded so, at varying degrees.

Man, at its apex, stands closest to the ballast. With the opportunity to emanate perfectly, the intricate balance of spirit in matter, of fail to achieve that precursor of God-hood, and eventually regress into invalidity.

All forms of life are imbued with spirit, thus all is alive and lives. Understand that matter is a temporal fit for spirit and its infinite dimensions. Entropy – its inevitable decay is every object’s ultimate end.

The Omnipotent Design houses no place for waste or stagnation.
Death is but a phase of the eternal cycle of life. Search diligently for understanding. Find power in your knowledge of Life’s design…

– Your Loved One, Q

Q: Defining (Part 2) – Truth

What is a pure will, untainted by influence of fear or self gratification, other than the adherence to a universal truth?

Only from the vantage of the universe, can the Truth be captured. Only in the depths of a silent heart, can the whispers of the Truth be heard.
And only in the stead of a pure will, may those whispers echo throughout the plain of existence.
Though most men may never be able to define its being, all men will forever be graced with its judgement.
Truth has framed the Omnipotent Design and within its hallows, it has hidden its face.

Look to the world around you – within its beauty is scribed the hallmark of its creator; beneath the soul of man, and the spirit of nature, Truth governs.

– Your Loved One, Q

Q: Defining (Part 1) – Love

~Love – The essence of all-being and the impulse of the universe to bind individuals into a whole.

Love is an innate reminder of our original state, ONE.
Love is an energy that operates throughout every thread in the fabric of life, developing all facets of connection which enables reality.
Love beckoned the unity of the single-celled organisms into advanced multi-cellular creatures. THAT is the greatest power of Love – assimilating singularities into units that supersede the sum of their parts. Know that one’s ability to reach one’s infinite potential lays in one’s understanding of Love. The power to create must flow through the power to connect. One must become receptive to this connection and discover its power. Love is the essence of existence, and those who recognize it to be the essence of their being, shall tap into the pulse of the universe.

As wisdom is, Love is symbolic, existing only in expression. There is nothing in this world Love’s touch has not graced. It is one’s own limited vision that fails to recognize the depths of it’s bonds…

– Your Loved One, Q

Q: The Personality, and the Individuality

Some say the ‘personality’ and the ‘individuality’ are one in the same. But the reality is… personality is what we want others to see and think about us. While the individuality is what your soul prays and hopes for and what it truly desires. It’s what you truly and deeply ARE. The two are not one as objects, but they must be one. The mind, body, and soul must be one in purpose and aim.

When one is one with oneself, the personality and the individuality are in harmony. Some people are naturally one, while others may achieve this ‘oneness’ through disciplines, efforts, and applying an ideal in every department of action and thought.

There are few people that really enjoy the company of themselves. Its not merely because they lack love from themselves any less, but the thoughts and emotions of the body are seldom in accord with one another. Their personality and individuality are not in harmony. They are not one. Thus, they don’t reflect the same shadow in the mirror of life…

– Your Loved One, Q

Written 9/18/19

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