Q: Defining (Part 3) – Life

~Life – A continuous flow of the spirit passing from one vessel to the next.

Life is the distribution of the spirit seeking to find equilibrium. this act does not lack volatility.

The feat of balancing the infinite potential of spirit within the absolute laws of matter and its confines, come with great toil. Each object in existence is assigned its portion of spirit. Each afforded so, at varying degrees.

Man, at its apex, stands closest to the ballast. With the opportunity to emanate perfectly, the intricate balance of spirit in matter, of fail to achieve that precursor of God-hood, and eventually regress into invalidity.

All forms of life are imbued with spirit, thus all is alive and lives. Understand that matter is a temporal fit for spirit and its infinite dimensions. Entropy – its inevitable decay is every object’s ultimate end.

The Omnipotent Design houses no place for waste or stagnation.
Death is but a phase of the eternal cycle of life. Search diligently for understanding. Find power in your knowledge of Life’s design…

– Your Loved One, Q

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