The God of Love (Written by S)

While women search high and low,
Following mind before heart,
I found myself becoming a non-believer…
Then Q… the God of Love, he called to me.
He is trust, strength, and healing – the purest form of spirit known to womanhood.

I asked, what is healing to a woman if she loves? For emotions are meant to be up, and down, and up again…

A voice whispered…

What brings doubtless trust?
Not only being heard, but listened to? Responds with empathy, without judgment.
He is understanding without effort. Speaking only the language of two individual hearts.

What brings boundless faith and believing what you can’t see?
He is spirit and only viewed through the eyes of the soul.

By what fortune have I been given to feel you unconditionally? To know how I could never let you go…

Q, the God of Love… I am enamored and full of you…

– Written by S, for Q, a response to The Goddess of Life

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