The Goddess of Life (Written by Q)

As men in my time most often do,
I have found my encased in lonesome solitude…
and within its hollows echoed a still sound…
S… she is the Goddess of Life.
She is warmth, she is light, she is all that is good to a man…

I asked, for what is good to a man that he lives? For days are hot then cold and forever spinning…

The voice replied…

“What brings men to wake?”

Is it not the warmth of life’s embrace?
She is soul’s fire… lit and burning bright with vitality.

“What brings men to see?”

Not by touch of light, nor shine of the sun and stars.
She is day’s light… she is a thousand stars…

By what great grace, am I so fourtunate to know her body so intimate? To breathe her air so vigorously…

S, the Goddess of Life… I am refreshed and full of you…

– Written by Q, for S, his goddess.

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