Q: The Personality, and the Individuality

Some say the ‘personality’ and the ‘individuality’ are one in the same. But the reality is… personality is what we want others to see and think about us. While the individuality is what your soul prays and hopes for and what it truly desires. It’s what you truly and deeply ARE. The two are not one as objects, but they must be one. The mind, body, and soul must be one in purpose and aim.

When one is one with oneself, the personality and the individuality are in harmony. Some people are naturally one, while others may achieve this ‘oneness’ through disciplines, efforts, and applying an ideal in every department of action and thought.

There are few people that really enjoy the company of themselves. Its not merely because they lack love from themselves any less, but the thoughts and emotions of the body are seldom in accord with one another. Their personality and individuality are not in harmony. They are not one. Thus, they don’t reflect the same shadow in the mirror of life…

– Your Loved One, Q

Written 9/18/19

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