Q: Defining (Part 5) – Loyalty

What is finer than truth? Who can judge one of honor, and of code? Only the simple heap curses upon a loyal man…

Loyalty is the reflection of godhood. And of all the virtues, it is one of supremacy.

Great power cannot hold true without great discipline. Who can say he has strength, but exemplifies no sense of order? What is true does not break. What is strong does not yield. Even if one loses their body, one’s honor, integrity, and righteousness shall preserve them for the life beyond this one.

As all things hold true to their time and place, so too should one hold true to their word and code. Loyalty, discipline, honor – these attributes reflect the will of the true.

Betrayers take fear as their god. And to it, they sacrifice themselves to the gods of death. But one who remains true, shall enjoy everlasting life…

– Your Loved One, Q

This is the last of the ‘Defining’ series. Take a look at all of the parts of the series by clicking here.

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